This is probably going to be controversial but honestly I do not care. I am not gay, or lesbian but I feel the need and want to be apart of the fight.  I literally get angry and offended for a group of people I honestly can’t relate to, but only have empathy and compassion for.

I don’t know how to describe the way I feel but I just don’t want anyone to be afraid of being who they are. It breaks my heart that someone who is LGBTQ and is growing up in society has all of these internal struggles (which I probably know nothing about) and have a fear of being themselves, or they see themselves as having something wrong with them. There isn’t. Things have to and need to change, and I really wish there is somehow or way I can be apart of that change.

Awareness is only a small fraction of it. Feel free to leave suggestions about how I may strengthen GSA’s.



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