Who do you love?

Is anyone else afraid of letting other people or specifically someone else in after they’ve had a break up?

It’s scary and exciting at the same time because at one point in life you thought this person was the love of your life but then you realize that maybe there’s better for you out there.

That maybe you were settling, and what you thought you deserved you accepted only to find out that the person you were with was actually selfish. You were the one always sacrificing everything to be with them and to make them happy. So I’m a little intimidated and I know I shouldn’t be doing this but when you really compare things …it’s so different.

When I used to tell this other guy about my insecurities he would say “you’re being stupid”, meaning simply that I shouldn’t be thinking about myself that negatively but he would never really remind me or reassure me or make me feel better about the insecurities, but then you compare it to someone else who says “it’s my mission for you to never feel insecure about that that again” it’s going above and beyond. It’s also different when you realize that someone wants to put you first and try their hardest to MAKE you happy and not just want you to BE happy. They are willing to do anything to make your dreams or wishes come true and they do it unselfishly. That really scares and surprises me because it’s something I’ve not yet experienced before.