How to be an introvert

Rules of being an introvert

  1. Feel left out, or have a fear of missing out
  2. Spend time alone
  3. Get invited to something and really want to go but when it comes time to going back out
  4. Spend minutes/hours/days debating whether or not you want to go and the obstacles you’ll have to face
  5. Apologize lots
  6. Feel relieved when you don’t have to go and no-one is mad
  7. Feel left out when someone posts photos of the thing you were supposed to go to but didn’t
  8. Repeat

I mean that list I just made pokes fun at myself, and should be taken lightly but at the same time it’s also 100% true. There are occasions where you’ll accept and go out and have a great time, but there are also occasions where you go out and you wish you hadn’t. You’ll never be able to tell beforehand. Anyone else relate?