maybe it’s not fomo, it’s social media

Ugh. I am beginning to think social media platforms like snapchat and instagram stories in particular are evil. Because it shows at any given moment “live” what people are up to at that instant. If you’re able to see these things you’re also able to be like “oh this is what this person is up to at this very moment” and just that quick little video or photo or second makes it seem like okay you don’t need to know what else they’ve been up to.

We’ve become so reliant on social media and cyber stalking that it takes away from making the actual effort of having to get to know someone or talk to someone and genuinely meet up in person to catch up. I also think it can be a bit unhealthy when you’re perfectly content having a night to yourself and then you go looking at a friends snapchat and they are “seemingly” having more fun than you and you feel like there’s maybe something wrong with you. Why is it that they’re having more fun? Why can’t that be you? Without snapchat and instagram stories those feelings of FOMO (fear of missing out) is something you would have never experienced. It’s almost as if everyone is purposely rubbing your face in something, quite aggressively. Didn’t the hipster days of instagram seem simpler when it was just posting a photo and then captioning it and sharing it that way? Everything else just seems much extra.

I understand the need for sharing and wanting to share and post pictures but where is the balance here. I’m guilty of doing it myself sometimes but I’m more often on the other side….

Sometimes its nice to just not know what the hell everyone else is doing at every minute of every day and just enjoy yourself. Ignorance can be bliss. Let’s work on not taking the bait together. #confessionsofanintrovert



Does anyone ever feel like they don’t want to share something with someone because it’s so personal and they associate it like a memory or song or movie with someone else or they just want to keep it to themselves. It’s like having their own little secret.

I don’t know if that makes any sense so I’ll give you an example. When someone new in my life asks me about what my favorite movie is or what my favorite song is I am hesitant to tell them because they’ll want to hear it or watch it and it’ll change the way you feel about it if you talk about it with them. Or they don’t understand it or feel the same way about it as you do. You’re happy or sentimental about the way it makes you feel and you like the way it reminds you of a certain part or time in your life.

I feel like people who are guarded feel like this about all sorts of things, certain phrases, words, books, movies, songs. Something might mean something completely different to you than to them and you don’t want them ruining it. So here’s my reminder to you, and to myself that it’s okay to be a little selfish you don’t necessarily have to share everything with everyone.